v. t.
1) to stop or arrest the motion of suddenly or forcibly
2) to restrain; control:
to check an impulse[/ex]
3) to cause to diminish, as in rate or intensity
4) to verify the correctness of, as by comparison
5) to inquire into, search through, etc.:
to check the files for a missing letter[/ex]
6) to inspect or test the condition, performance, safety, etc., of
7) to mark so as to indicate choice, correctness, verification, etc. (often fol. by off)
8) to leave in or accept for temporary custody:
Check your coats at the door[/ex]
9) to surrender (baggage) for conveyance
10) tex to mark with or in a pattern of squares:
to check fabric[/ex]
11) chs gam (in chess) to place (an opponent's king) under direct attack
12) spo (in ice hockey) to obstruct or impede the movement or progress of (an opponent)
13) to prove to be right; correspond accurately
14) to make an inquiry or investigation, as for verification (often fol. by up, into, etc.):
Check into the matter[/ex]
15) to stop suddenly
16) chs gam (in chess) to make a move that puts the opponent's king under direct attack
17) bui to crack or split, as paint
18) gam (in poker) to decline to bet
19) phv check in, to register or report one's arrival, as at a hotel or airport
20) phv check (up) on, to investigate, scrutinize, or inspect
21) phv check out
a) to leave a hotel, hospital, etc., officially, esp. after settling one's account
b) to verify or become verified
c) to confirm or be confirmed as fulfilling necessary requirements, being in working condition, etc
d) to total the cost of purchases and collect payment from (a customer)
e) to lend or borrow (an item) officially, as from a library
f) Informal. to depart quickly or abruptly
g) Slang. to die
22) phv check over, to examine or investigate thoroughly
23) bus a written order, usu. on a standard printed form, directing a bank to pay money
24) a slip showing an amount owed, esp. a bill as for food or beverages consumed
25) a ticket given for items left in a checkroom, to customers waiting to be served, etc
26) a criterion, standard, or means to insure against error, fraud, etc
27) an inquiry, search, or examination
28) a mark, often indicated by (✓), as on a list, to indicate that something has been noted, acted upon, approved, etc
29) a sudden arrest or stoppage
30) a means of stopping, limiting, or restraining
31) a test or inspection, as to ascertain quality or performance
32) a pattern formed of squares
33) one of the squares in such a pattern
34) tex a fabric having such a pattern
35) chs gam (in chess) the exposure of the king to direct attack
36) spo an ice hockey maneuver designed to obstruct or impede the movement of an opponent
37) gam a counter used in card games, as the chip in poker
38) bui a small crack, as in a painted surface
39) chs gam (used as a call in chess to warn that an opponent's king is in check.)
40) inf cvb Informal. all right! agreed!
Etymology: 1275–1325; ME chek, chekke (at chess) < OF eschec (by aphesis), var. of eschac < Ar shāh check (at chess) < Pers: lit., king (an exclamation: i.e., look out, your king is threatened); see shah syn: check, curb, restrain refer to putting a control on movement, progress, action, etc. check implies arresting suddenly, halting or causing to halt by means of drastic action: to check a movement toward reform. curb implies slowing or stopping forward motion: to curb inflation; to curb a horse. restrain implies the use of force to put under control or hold back: to restrain one's enthusiasm; to restrain unruly spectators. See also stop

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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